Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Project 1

I am trying to set up a group project at ccMixter. I've started by posting a thread in the ccMixter Forums. Needless to say I would love everyone to participate and would like as much help as I can get getting the word out to everyone in a relatively short time. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear from you. Please post them in the thread posted above.

Thank you. : )


Chris Rininger said...

Hi, I put a feature request out thereo too about this (specific multi-person collab capabilities, perhaps utilizing a different form of playlists). If everybody just posts their collab remixes out there on ccM, even if there are multiple generations (gen 1 = Teru, gen 2 = CDK adds to it, gen 3 = Gurdonark adds on to that, and so on for as many generations as are needed), we should be able to use a playlist to store all the tracks in the project no matter how many generations. The only catch right now is that only one person can own a playlist, so that one person would need to keep it up-to-date with the latest (probably via sending that person emails when there is a new contribution). Just a thought - email can work too, but this way it's onsite.

Chris Rininger said...

Hi, in terms of something to use before there is more dedicated collab functionality on ccM, I just checked out the beta site www.kompoz.com, and it seems usable. There are some questionable design decisions, which I asked about in the forum, but overall it seems more promising that most music collab sites I've seen.

Chris Rininger said...

They DO have the geo feature on www.kompoz.com - check out http://www.kompoz.com/compose-collaborate/list.member.project?projectId=1029

teru said...

That last link was incomplete btw.

Just for the record, I'm not trying to change ccMixter into a more collaboration friendly site or anything, I just thought this would be a fun project to do with existing features. And it never hurts to keep trying new ideas. : )

Kompoz.com looks pretty cool.

Gurdonark said...

I love to do collaborations, and I'm happy to play if one arises, although I always fear, a little, inflicting myself on someone else's music.

I suggest that one way to do one is to ask Porchcat to set up his secret mixter software, because its "matching" function could work just as well to "pair" collaborators as to "assign" secret mixters.

This would be a functional and sc-fi way to match people up, without having to re-code the site too much.

Chris Rininger said...

Sorry that link didn't work, Teru. I'm not calling for a site overhaul either. I do think the playlist feature could be copied/reworked into a project collab feature because both seem like managed collections of audio posts from multiple people. And I don't see anything wrong with looking at using another site like Kompoz.com to make collaboration among multiple people working in parallel simpler either. ccMixter (& actually this blog) will still be the primary thread of community. It may actually turn into an opportunity to bring some more people into the community. There is stuff on Flickr, because ccMixter's mission is not to serve images. Why not have collab stuff on kompoz.com if ccMixter's primary mission is not to enable *parallel* collaboration (it obviously supports sequential)? It beats the email approach CDK has had to try to manage in the past when he collaborated. My 2 cents.

Marco Raaphorst said...

I love the idea and would love to help. Teru rocks!


Chris Rininger said...

Trying to provide a link now to kompoz.com that works, re: the previous broken link:
[ http://www.kompoz.com/compose-collaborate/list.track.project?projectId=1029 ]

Copy the whole address within the brackets to check out the tracks section of one of the projects. Then click the Users tab in the project and scroll down to see the cool geo feature I mentioned previously. I think it is a good idea to check out existing sites like this to get ideas about what will work vs. what won't on ccM as we request features.

Chris Rininger said...

Latest thoughts on ccMixter & collab features here: http://ccmixter.org/media/thread/976