Friday, April 27, 2007

Project 1 - week 2

Hepepe had to pull out this week which is unfortunate. But luckily Etherdust was able to get in touch with Gurdonark(thanks G) so everything worked out fine. In fact Etherdust has asked if he can put together two tracks representing the Future: Utopia/Distopia theme (the theme is optional). Excellent.

My collaboration with Geoff is moving along. I've put up an instrumental on our collaboration page for him to add some vocals to. I looking forward to hearing back from him. After putting some vocals on the track I'm hoping Geoff and I can invite others to the collaboration. Maybe some guitar, key, sax, turntables or some female vocals. I love all the possibilities.

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Etherdust said...

yea.. massive thanks to gurdonark man.. :)