Friday, April 20, 2007

Project 1 - week 1

Project 1 got started last week with 21 people working on 10 different collaborations. Everyone was given a partner and a Collab page at ccMixter.

My partner for this collab is Geoff Williams aka G.Wills, a rapper, part of the Dirty Water Crew. I got a phone call from Geoff and DJ Lang on Monday. It was pretty exciting. We talked a little bit. It was all business. ; )

My plan for the collab is to start with one of the existing raps from J Lang and Geoff. I picked Still Hustling(a mixter fav). And then come up with some loops and ideas to send to Geoff for him to rap to.

Things aren't going so well though. I've been having trouble hearing this week due to sinus and head congestion. Damn allergies. Hopefully my ears will pop soon and I can get some loops going.

I'm not sure how the other collaboration groups are doing. I've asked for emails if anyone is having any problems and I haven't got any emails yet so I assume everything is great. : )

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Gurdonark said...

Darn. I must have missed where to sign up for this one.

teru said...

Can you find a partner? If so, let me get you set up.

Like I mentioned in my post. I haven't really started yet so you're not behind in any way. You just need a partner. : )

Anyone out there?

Gurdonark said...


Great. Let me see if I can line up a partner right quick. If I cannot, I'll beg your kind help.

best, bob

Anonymous said...

Things are going fairly well on Me and Phusion's collab project. We were hoping to get lined up with a vocalist, but since neither of us can sing, we decided to use Gabriele Magurno's "Why Me?" pell.

Making some progress, though not sure we're fitting in the "Utopia / Distopia" theme very well so far.

teru said...

Plurgid - Great to hear you and Tomas are getting along. Maybe you guys can contact Gabriele Magurno? That might work out nice. If you like I can try to be an icebreaker. : )

I'm not worrying too much about the theme. said...

Can I open an second collab with Gurdonark?

teru said...

Hepepe - You Show off. ; )

Sure. Talk it over, when you all agree. Let me know it's confirmed and then I'll send you the collab page link.