Thursday, September 14, 2006

Secret Mixter III

I just wanted to say welcome to Porchcat and to thank him for setting up Secret Mixter III : Splice Madness.

And thanks Pitx for adding to our Flickr pool. Cool picture.

Also for anyone interested in joining the ccMixterblog. Please just ask any contributor to send you an invitation. A special screening test involving underwater singing, line dancing and juggling will not be used to judge your worthiness. ;)


CDK said...

splice madness? like splice the site?

PorchCat said...

TY for the invite. And thanks to people for joinging in the SecretMixter. But I do notice, there is no Teru in my list. *poke* ;o)


teru said...

*Hisssss...* Back away Porch Cat.;)

(next round, I promise).

gurdonark said...

Porchcat, it's a kindness you do by running this secret mixter thing, and it is much appreciated.

PorchCat said...

I'm holding you to it teru! Next round I'm putting your name in. :o)

Thanks gurdonark! If it weren't for you and others encouraging the idle idea I voiced, we wouldn't be having a third round with EIGHTEEN participants!! It's going to be insane! Of course, I must also give props to Victor who hooked up the SecretMixter with a banner link.