Monday, September 18, 2006

Day against DRM

Against Drm120X240

Defective by Design has announced the third of october as the day against DRM. As they state on their website:

"DRM products have features built-in that restrict what jobs they can do. These products have been intentionally crippled from the users' perspective, and are therefore "defective by design". This campaign will identify these “defective” products, and target them for elimination. Our aim is the abolition of DRM as a social practice."
Please join them with your own actions against DRM and make people aware of the dangers of DRM (such as making remixing virtually impossible..). Freeculture is also joining the action with a competition called 'Down with DRM' . Send your anti-DRM video's to them and you can even win a Neuros OSD - a portable digital VCR!

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PorchCat said...

Great links and info. Thanks! DRM is some foul stuff and often malware/spyware.

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