Sunday, July 09, 2006

We who are about to make noise salute you

Hi mixters:

I thought I'd mention that the Intelligent Machinery dot net is in the last throes of a pretty cool remix/compilation album process. Intelligent Machinery is a netlabel which runs the NTNS netradio, a compilation of odd musics, both ambient and noise.

They released a Threshold Impulse Response library in five volumes, which feature wave samples of weird and wonderful sound,suitable for those who like to create, well, weird and wonderful sound.

Each "volume" is a set of numerous wave samples, each titled with an appropriately absurd name. There's a charge of a couple of dollars for each full volume, more in line with a "a dollar or two to keep the site alive" than the "we're selling you a huge loops package to get rich someday, we hope" toll. I'll note parenthetically that the notion of getting rich from ambient music is perhaps not a fruitful business model, and I'd advise people to stick to "sure pays" like lottery tickets or American Idol auditions.

The current project at Intelligent Machinery is a compilation album built of work created by sampling from the Threshold Impulse Response library. The resulting album will be called "Threshed".

The time is nigh to submit one's exciting remix--the deadline is 7/15. Part of the loops there are available for free, for those for whom 2 dollars is an obstacle.

For information, check out the Intelligent Machinery site at:

Got some spare time and an urge to be a bit experimental? Got some noise in your system? I submitted my bit of fun this afternoon, and really enjoyed working with the Volume 5 samples.

I suggest you give it a try.

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