Monday, July 10, 2006

Chain Music

The notion of Chain-Music.

It's 45 minutes long and it does take a long time to load. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but I wanted to pass this along.


Chris Rininger said...

Interesting idea... something similar could be done on ccM pretty easily, or maybe on the upcoming updated My Virtual Band site ( - a few people could decide on tempo, then one person starts out with 4 bars or 16 bars maybe, post that along with samples in case people want to carry sounds forward, then the next person picks it up, adds 4 or 16 bars and more sounds/samples, etc. until it cycled through everyone - posts could be samples (since they have sample content) until the last contribution - CDK facilitated the last collab (thx agn) - this would be a more sequential way to do something similar - thx for sharing Eric

MC Jack in the Box said...

i participated in something like this last year. dubbed "the songfight orchestra", it was made up of 30 second songfight entries by different artists that were strung together in a somewhat coherant fashion, with each new piece trying to cleanly come out of the previous (at least that as the goal). each week the artist submitted their 30 second piece as a standalone entry, while one person assigned spots and kept stringing them all together each week. turned out pretty cool. i did 2 songs on this ("glass eye" and "what's in it for me").

Here's a link to it so far.