Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Remote streaming enabled

This is one of those 'behind the scenes' features that can totally screw up the site ;)

About an hour after you upload a remix we quietly make a copy of it on our new media server and when people stream your file it will be streaming from the new server -- in your media players it will look like


(downloads will still happen from the http://ccmixter.org)

We did this because we think it will radically reduce the load on the main website and make it run a lot smoother (and will save CC money).

However this whole feature is really scary and I've already screwed it up at least twice (once with teru's Pretty Girls and once with the new Desaprendere remix -- yes, the edpick) and people could not stream these files (bad, very bad).

What to watch for:

- If you are streaming a file and it suddenly STOPS for no reason

- If you are streaming a page and your player SKIPS a song completely

If these or anything at all happens please let me know ASAP (!!) so I can keep the site humming along.


1 comment:

teru said...

Sweet. What a cool idea. : )

No skips or stops that I noticed.