Thursday, May 25, 2006

A trackback for audio files?

Today I wrote a post on my Dutch blog about the Trackback for weblogs. This works nicely.

But it only works for text.

I was thinking that it would be possible to create some sort of tracking system for audio files as well.

The statistics of a website already show which files are played, referred, by which servers. So we already have all the information we need, right?

Wouldn't it be possible to create such a script and create a plugin for WordPress? A little plugin which will keep track of these referrers. By adding the function to your blogpost all visitors would be able to simply check out which sites are referring to the file(s).

One simple way of doing this might be using the rel attribute.

Or is my way of thinking not correct? Victor, Lucas, anyone?


BjornW said...

I like the idea very much and I know of one player which supports a system like this. Actually we could extend the XSPF file format with a stats extension and create this trackback for audio files within a playlist.

Marco Raaphorst said...

That would be great.

Digital Referrer Management

... :)**

Mike Linksvayer said...

If you just want to keep track of referrers to your files you don't need any new mechanism. Just look at your referrer logs. If your mp3s are being mediated by a php script, e.g., wordpress, that code could track referrers as well, as you suggest.

However, this is nothing like trackback, more like "recent referrers". The Sample Pool API introduced in ccHost 2.0 is like trackback.

Marco Raaphorst said...

Thanks Mike, I probably will look into that soon (ccHost code).