Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Sometime ago I bought Nanoloop, a synthesizer / sequencer for the Nintendo Game Boy systems. I still haven't got the time to really understand and create music with it, but it certainly is a one of a kind musical instrument. When I started with computers (Amiga forever!) I always loved the modules (ProTracker anyone?) and chiptunes with their rough 8-bit sounds. When I finally get the time to play with Nanoloop I can finally create these rough sounds on the road using nothing more but a mere old-school gameboy.

In the meantime I'll be using these sites to enjoy some rough 8-bit sounds hope you like them as well..

nanoloop image: lukatoyboy


Marco Raaphorst said...

I simulated those sounds some time ago in Reason. It's available on ccMixter.

Victor used some sounds in his cool track All I Dream.

BjornW said...

Downloading right now :)

Btw after I had written this post I started with Nanoloop (again) and it rocks! I'm currently working on a track and I plan on working on som more tracks during my daily commute to Amsterdam.

Marco Raaphorst said...

cool! would love to hear it!