Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Theme Song for TNT/NBA Playoffs?

Sitting here in a motel in Pottstown, PA, Law & Order rerun #4,000 on TNT when a promo for the NBA playoffs comes screeching out. The theme song? Some white rap about 10% luck, some percent that, some percent that... can't get a break! :)


teru said...

Hahahaha!! Too funny.

Run, I think they found you. : )

Marco Raaphorst said...


Steely Dan would sing it too :)

Make some motel pictures please. Share :)

shagrugg said...

I'm boycotting the NBA playoffs for this...not that I ever watched anyway...but now ESPN feels tainted ;).

Creech said...

Fort Minor, Remember The Name

teru said...

Fort Minor, Remember The Name Contest