Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Impressing Gil, Veloso and Djavan

I have played in two brazilian bands; Xangô and Banda Energia. And yes, that was big fun! With Banda we did some concerts with like 3 Rio dancers with feathers. And we were a big band, lots of percussion. Best part would be for us to walk off stage and play a few batucadas. That would get the audience sweating because it's so pure; only percussion with improvised parts based on a few 'calls'.

Maracatu, maratacu!

I played guitar in those bands, but during batucadas I would play shaker. Uhm, yes even Reason 3 now includes my shaker-loops :) Ha!

One of the best gigs I ever saw was Djavan playing in Amsterdam. Such a positive vibe and the whole audience singin' along with Djavan. Some magical moments!

So yeah, you guessed it: I love this new Crammed Discs Remix Contest at ccMixter! I even started working on something... I hope I will finish it because I have so many unfished tracks this year. Someone should kick my ass right now... with a Rio feather that is :)

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