Friday, March 10, 2006

Secret Santa Thing

Hi all:

I don't know if everyone visits the forums all the time, so I mention this here. User Porchcat suggests a new idea I think might be fun to try.

It's a "secret Santa" remix game. Each participant gets in the "draw" the name of another mixter as to whom the participant is to create a remix.

This could be a fun way to stretch, at least for those people like me, who find it far easier to remix, say, Brilliant Orange Object's whirrs and buzzes than Ms. Vybe's powerful but slightly non-ambient raps.

I hope that others will sign up to play, as it sounds like fun. Porchcat even went so far as to set up a link with a site at which to "join" the game.

The details are over in "pluggy plugs", at:

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CDK said...

i think that is a great idea...