Thursday, March 16, 2006

freesound Web Site, What Do We Think?

I've been discussing things with Bram over at freesound about ways ccMixter and FS can work together.

I think putting them into the sample pool is (conceptually anyway) a no-brainer but it means Bram will have to write code so we'll see.

Putting aside for a second the 'sampling+' only licenses: what do we think of the site? Is that a good interface for browsing samples? What kind of interaction between the two websites would you like to see?

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gurdonark said...

I really like this site. I am glad you mentioned it, because I had visited it before, but failed to join. That's remedied now.

If I were drawing up my wish list, I'd be able to use ccmixter's sample search functions to search the freesound pool, in the same way I can now search the magnatune library, but with keywords for sounds rather than the artist and album title on magnatune. Thus, if I wished to find a low hum, I'd enter "low hum" in a mixter search engine search through the soundpool samples, and voila.