Saturday, March 04, 2006


I was listening to Anomie & Bonhomie, that cool comeback album of Scritti Politti, the other day. At some point I started thinking that Green Gartside would simply l*o*v*e ccMixter. Green is such a hiphop fan and some of the best stuff at Mixter has similarities with his music.

I can imagine that some celebrities keep a serious eye on ccMixter, right? Although I met Green recently in London, I haven't spoken about ccMixter. Maybe we'll meet again this month. I hope I won't forget to ask him about ccMixter.

But tell me; do you know any celebrities who are checking out ccMixter? I guess the next step would be that these celebrities start using ccMixter. I guess it is only a matter of time.

Someday soon, using Creative Commons licenses will be considered as the best promotional method for ... uhm, creative commons!


gurdonark said...

Personally, I think all of you are celebrities in my book.

I believe that eventually, mixter will have more "signed" artists submitting materials, and in particular a capellas. I believe that because the quality of the mixes that those of you who can effectively mix sung material has improved so very much in the last 60 days or so. The established mixters seem to be getting better, and a lot of new mixters are really ramping things up. Accordingly, I have to think that
this will be a way to "market", particularly for an indie artist who's at a label bigger than just DIY but perhaps not household names.

I find, to deviate slightly from the topic, that a number of ambient artists are actually pretty willing to give permission to sample for mixter samples. It's a win-win for everyone.

Will a "star" someday appear in the east (or the west)? Perhaps. But I like the constellations we have now.

teru said...

"ccMixter Idol" w/ celebrity judges? I'm not sure if I like that. ; )

Umm.. I've always wanted to ask this to Marco but. Why do you love Scritti Politti so much? I am definately missing something. I only know of that one - Perfect Way song. If you get a chance I'd like to see a post of why. I think I might really learn something.

Marco Raaphorst said...

What I like about Scritti? It will be a long list but in short:
- superb vocals
- unique voice
- complicated arrangements, highly original
- the tunes, catchy stuff but done in such a strange mix... but it works

It's all not obvious. Scritti has such a unique mix of all sorts of styles etc. You see Green has this punk background but his voice is the opposite... contrast which I love.

I have strong love for pop tunes. I am a Prefab Sprout fan and since yesterday I am playing The Blue Nile 'Piece at last' over and over again...