Monday, February 27, 2006

3x Performance Boost

All the performance under-the-hood boost stuff is on the site. What used to be the two slowest screen (Remix listing and artist's profile pages) should snap to attention now -- the server is dishing them out over 3 times faster than the old code.

I'm not saying this because I want love, the fact is, this one "feature" required more changes to the code at a single time in over half a year and while it's been tested, I except it to have some loose ends somewhere. If you find a bad link, or get the dreaded "Down for upgrade" screen (you really shouldn't be getting those) make sure to let me know.

Ok, now, let the lovin begin...

ALSO: I need recycle help for the next contest, anybody have an hour or two (maybe mintue or two, I wouldn't know) in the next few days?


PatChilla said...

First message didn't post so I'll try the short version.

What kind of help do you need?

fourstones said...

I have some pitched loops (about 10 of them) that I would like to post as rex files.

PatChilla said...

Yeah, I think I can handle that. Send them to my gmail address.

teru said...

Great job Victor.

I can definately feel a difference in the page uploads. And the "this Mixter has.." addition in the user profiles is sweet.

Oh and congrats on the Renault thing. Renault's are so cool. Please post about it here too when the link is up please. : )