Thursday, February 16, 2006

Radio, Radio

This new radio buttons feature really makes me happy. I can set the "ambient" button going, and enjoy dozens of songs as I work. I'm perpetually amazed at how many great mixes exist in the mixter that I had not heard before now. It's like cruising down a river lined with trees.

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PatChilla said...

Yeah, I'm always surprised to find something thats really, really good that seemed to slip through the cracks. Sometimes the songs 1,2 or maybe no reviews and you kinda wonder how no one noticed.

fourstones said...

funny thing about the 'ambient' station I noticed the other day: not many ambient pieces in there. no?

gurdonark said...

I tend to travel among the ambient "purists" who look with suspicion upon any beat other than perhaps "tribal ambient beats" and who would never call the chill, downtempo, pop and other non-ambient things which get the ambient tag on mixter "ambient" at all.

When I put together the webjay for ambient, I titled it "hints of ambience" because so little truly ambient work is on the mixter--perhaps Black Sun Laboratories and some John Holowach pieces, and a few others.

But I try not to get so purist about such things. I'd rather people not tag mainstream hip hop as both "experimental" and "ambient", but the ambient radio button is still a darn good listen.

C.Portable said...

Its an issue of avoidance for me. I'd rather have an ambient purist on my ass as opposed to a hip-hop purist, if you know what I mean. And its nice to have *some* tags, how you going to get on the radio - experimental? :-)