Sunday, January 29, 2006

Front page scroll off

Can anyone else remember a non-contest-ending day, just another sunday where a remix posted in the morning had scrolled off the front page by noon?

I was kind of hoping to have a Sunday... ;)

and "off the meter" is good, right?


gurdonark said...

It's amazing. Also, so many fun mixes, in so many different styles.

Now if we can only get a real bluegrass mix with that harmonica sample.

I keep meaning to pull out my dulcimer, but I don't think I can match that "Appalachia", and may have to limit myself to a sample.

Dr_Concoction said...


No man, red is distortion....its very bad. You know bad like good, not really bad, but in a good way. Im sure you know what Im talking bout.