Sunday, January 29, 2006

ccMixter Radio

Hopefully coming soon to ccMixterblog, ccMixter Radio.

I would like to know if the contributors here would be willing to compile a Playlist to be rotated / featured every week. Since there are 20 contributors at this time it would mean a rotation of once every 20 weeks. Please let me know by responding to this post, if this seems like something you'd like to be a part of before any work gets put into it. I don't want to pressure anyone but I also don't want to see it fizzle out in a week.

And a huge thank you to Victor for adding this feature(in record time) to the main site. And Shagrugge for the suggestion. I know I love it. : )


gurdonark said...

I'd be happy to help with this in any way I can. I think my particular skills might be best suited for devising ambient playlists.

Marco Raaphorst said...

what good be an idea is make these lists personal. like this:

- every week a specific blogger here creates a list
- a link to the m3u list is posted and the DJ gets credits, so people will know who has created the list
- if we all prepare a few lists beforehand we can scedule everything in time I guess

would that be an idea?

teru said...

Awesome. Do you mind going first? : )

I think it would be great because it would make it immediately apparent that these playlists are based on personal judgement. You would set a great(perhaps the best)example.

No pressure. ; )

teru said...

Sorry the above was directed at Gurdo.

If we could start the list at Gurdonark and work our way down in order. That would make scheduling a piece of cake.

Marco would you mind going 4th?

I'll have to go ask Grant if he can go 2nd.

Marco Raaphorst said...

sure, great plan!

only include one song of your own as promo?

how many tracks total?
where to host these? ccMixter? that would be great... but can we upload a m3u list?

CDK said...

if somebody helps me, i would love to make a playlist...

shagrugg said...

Great idea...


How would the playlists actually be compiled?


If this could be done from a web interface it might make things a little easier as opposed to uploading an .m3u...I'm not sure how the files would be linked or where they would be hosted otherwise. Unless the .m3u was handcoded by each user...doable but tedious.

teru said...

Webjay is an option. That way we don't need to pile more stuff on Vic. We need to leave him some music time. : )

fourstones said...

what is this "music" thing you talk about??

Slated on the to-do list for the site this year is personal playists where I'm told xpsf is an Important Thing but I haven't had time to properly look into it.

webjay in the meantime would do it, no?

meanwhile a cheap way to auto-create m3u's is use the format:;####;

where '####' is the id of the upload which shows up in the url when go to a song's page.

Marco Raaphorst said...

Webjay is great for this. We can even provide a link to Webjay and ask Lucas what Yahoo has on offer for this promo ;)

gurdonark said...

I'd be happy to do whatever first or what have you, if somebody can just give me simple instructions on what I need to do.

Dr_Concoction said...

No pressure, and I post this here for the attention, but updated comments as a side bar is probably important. To state the obvious, no one will check for replies to archived blogs.

p.s. the podcast is a great idea, Ill have to learn webjay, but anybody can learn anything!

teru said...

Yeah that side bar comments thing didn't pan out. I took it off because it wouldn't display in the right order which made it kind of useless. Hopefully we can live without it for now. : )

Email me if you want the Webjay account info or any instructions. It's pretty easy to get the hang of.

gurdonark said...

I sure hope I did it right, but if I did, I created an ambient-esque
playlist, and sent it public.
So that part of the ball is in play.