Thursday, January 19, 2006

ccMixter myspace page

ccMixter has a myspace page. At first I was like Oh no ! What have I done? Bad, bad, bad.... And then I was like Woah! Hold on......Yeah.....Ok....nice.

Pretty cool. What a great way to make friends.

And I've always liked sfb's page on myspace.

Oh and we're been found! : 0


teru said...

So I wasn't expecting anyone to be visiting this page yet. Still had couple of things left to do. Like replace the top Banner. Any one got any pictures/ideas?

gurdonark said...

Good. this has been my month to build my myspace connections list, so this is very timely.

Marco Raaphorst said...

I still haven't found an edit-button on myspace page. I can code, but without an edit button I can't change the looks..


Marco Raaphorst said...

since we've been found maybe a good idea:

teru said...

OK I'll set up a statcounter.
And a Creative Commons button too.

I'm thinking of putting them in them in the footer.

fourstones said...

yea footer is good.

I've been looking at cleaning up he 'recent comments' section -- I'm kind of surprised how braindead the Blogger template API is. I found a script that does what it's supposed to look like (sorted by date, not thread) and I'll took at plugging that in.

fourstones said...

wait, there's another problem -- leaving a comment doesn't refresh the index page, which means the comments aren't brought up to date until someone posts a new entry or edits an existing one.

OK, never mind. My newest vote is to kill the "recent comments" section since it doesn't show the newest comments on top and isn't kept up to date by the system.

teru said...

Thanks for the try Victor.

Unless anyone objects the recent posts in the sidebar are toast.

teru said...

recent comments. I mean.