Wednesday, September 09, 2020

New Pells by @CRAZYLITTLEASIAN Garner Multiple Ed Picks


@CRAZYLITTLEASIAN joined ccMIxter in May of 2020, a little over three months before the posting of this article. In that short time, she has already received over 39 mixes and 7 Editorial Picks. With her uniquely fresh vocal energy and heartfelt lyrics, she has attracted remixes from Loveshadow, J.Lang, sleeperspaceborn, and Zep Hurme to name a few. Producers from all over the world are uploading remixes of her vocal source, which is an indicator of her abilities as a singer and as a savvy independent artist.

With a dynamic life path that has taken her across the globe from her home country of the Philippines to the U.K., @CRAZYLITTLEASIAN is currently studying music at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. She has a video about her experiences posted on her website. Her talents include dancing, ice skating, poetry, singing, as well as DJing, which got her an opening performance for international star Steve Aoki. Currently, she is producing a weekly video show called Sha-nanigans Live!, which is available on YouTube.

So how did @CRAZYLITTLEASIAN come to ccMixter? When we asked her about why she decided to become a member of the ccMixter remix community she told us, “I joined ccMixter because of my friend Paul Pajo, who encouraged me. It was the first time I really opened up as an artist to anyone other than my mum in the Philippines. I wasn't expecting the response I’ve been getting from my pellas - It has been overwhelmingly lovely.”

Jeris, a respected ccMixter artist and producer commented on his discovery of @CRAZYLITTLEASIAN. “I was like who is this @CRAZYLITTLEASIAN that everybody is remixing all of a sudden? Then come to find out she was born in Manila just like me! So at that point it was a wrap. I think I pretty much remixed the first thing I heard.” His remix of "Coffee and Lullabies" received an Editorial Pick and is an excellent example of the magic that happens between artists on ccMixter, sharing music across the globe.


“It's insane how people you've never met before are touched by your art and vice versa,” @CRAZYLITTLEASIAN remarked. “It truly is as close to magic as it can get.”

Now is your chance to discover that magic and the energy that is @CRAZYLITTLEASIAN.  We’re excited to have her collaborating with us here at ccMixter and look forward to watching her as she continues to rise together with all those around her.  

Listen to the Editorial picked remixes of @CRAZYLITTLEASIAN here.

Visit her uploads page here.

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Kara Square said...

@CRAZYLITTLEASIAN's vocals are stellar and it's absolutely wonderful to see her getting remixed by ccMixter's finest producers. So many of the remixes sound like radio hits! The energy and excitement she's bringing to the community is inspiring. Thank you for joining us, @CRAZYLITTLEASIAN. You are awesome!!