Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Adapting To Crisis

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Musicians have been particularly hard hit by the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Artists and performers all over the globe have had their sources of income canceled with no end in sight. At this point in time, reports are showing it could get worse before it gets better. This devastating news can be hard to adapt to. How do we create stability during this time of global crisis?

Here at ccMixter, we are doing our best to provide our community and our listeners with the best information and strategies to cope with the disruption caused by this pandemic. That's why we're posting this blog with links to resources we've found that can help guide us through this catastrophic chapter in our history.

Music creation is our passion, and we care deeply about the musicians who participate in the collaboration that takes place on our site. Music is healing, connecting, and a source of comfort. But when your worried about basic survival it can be difficult, seemingly impossible, to get in that space where music is regenerative. We hope these resources help.

Some Advice On Working From Home-from Creative Commons
Solid advice for organizations and individuals working from home
Corona Virus Update for Musicians: What you can do today
Damian Keyes Video on strategies for working musicians
9 Way To Stay Positive During The Corona Virus Pandemic
Simple but effective things to do that can help get you out of a funk.
Musicians Cope With Corona Virus Crisis-NPR
Audio interview with musicians
America For The Arts
Resources for Creatives in the USA

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