Monday, August 26, 2019

Jerry Spoon & starfrosch Release New Album

When starfrosch contacted us earlier this year to pitch the idea of running a "remix contest" around he and Jerry Spoon's track "Cold Ears," we were excited and a tad bit concerned.  ccMixter's community of remix artists are well known for collaboration in a non-competitive environment where ranking and judging generally do not inspire participation.  However, Starfrosch is a giant in the Creative Commons music world and a well-established ccMixter member.  His website is known as the home of the Hot 111.  It is dedicated to collecting data on music released under the licensing platform that allows legal sharing.  This is the same open licensing that ccMixter was created to showcase.  We realized that starfrosch's invitation was a way for us to expand our participation within the culture we've helped create, and we're proud to be a part of the latest release 'Absorbed.'

The 9 song release is solid electronica through and through.  Consistent sultry beats and expansive production give space and hypnotic groove a place to thrive in any atmosphere.   Track 7 is where ccMixter remix artist Dysfunction_AL makes an appearance with "Kalte Ohren" featuring the vocals of Kara Square.  Hats off to all involved in making this track fit seamlessly into the work Jerry and starfrosch produced.

'Absorbed' is a must add album to any collection.  It proves that ccmusic is a contender both in the world of netaudio and in the world of commercial music.  It's the story of collaboration, and its the pulse of our time.

Listen to the album on Bandcamp

Listen to the remix event 

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starfrosch said...

#NoteToSelf It's called remix event, not remix contest :)

Thanks for the review, it was a great event and we enjoyed it very much. Thanks for participation & collaboration.