Thursday, July 11, 2019

Ten Pells Ten Samples Ten years of Remix Action

The ccmusic remix event of the summer InTENtions garnered over fifty remixes of new original music based on the contributions of musicians using creative commons licensing to share samples, pells and remixes.  Ten years ago, ccMixter was on the cutting edge of music culture.  We are still here, and we look forward to the next ten years of creative and open music culture!

Congrats to texasradiofish and WhiteWolf for contributing at least 5 remixes to the inTENtions Event! We are making donations in your name to a charity of your choice.

We'd also like to give Honorable Mentions to:
Scomber for submitting 4 remixes and 3 pells
Sackjo22 for 3 pells and 3 remixes
Admiral Bob for 4 remixes and 1 pell, and
Zep Hurme[/url] for 4 remixes. 
Kick A$$!

What an amazing event. Our community rocks!

InTENtions Playlist

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