Monday, February 04, 2019

CCMusic Awards 2019

Congratulations Winners!

We are proud to announce this year's CC Music Awards winners in the remix catagories and thank all the musicians and organizations involved in making these awards possible.  It's an exciting time for Free to Share music, and these awards mark a historic point in the growth of our worldwide community.  Together, we all deserve a round of applause

Check out the CC Music Awards website for winners in all categories — remix awards are listed below.

Remix Album of the Year:
“Amplifiers” by ccMixter

Remix Track of the Year:
“Adaptation” by Zep Hurme (feat spinning merkaba)

Remix Instrumental of the Year:
“Apoxode Resin (Bringing Me Down)” by Loveshadow (feat Apoxode)

Remix Experimental Track of the Year:
“Light” by onlymeith (feat airtone)

Remix A Cappella of the Year:
“Sunshine” by Leza Boyland

Remix Spoken Word of the Year:
“The New Americana” by Panu Moon

Remix Stems/Sample of the Year:
“Regeneration” by Javolenus

Thank you to our judges for their time and for listening to so many tracks! And congratulations to all winners and nominees.

These awards magnify the skills of the producers, musicians, singers, and writers in our community — and while certain tracks were given deserved recognition, I’m reminded it is our collective creativity that evolves our art.

Music Connects Us!

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