Wednesday, June 13, 2018

New Free To Share Songs From Adaptation

The Adaptation Remix Event brought in 53 mixes this Spring! Based on recommends and reviews from the community, Zep Hermes mix of Snowflake’s pell “Adaptation” was the most popular track. Congratulations, Zep! Your mix opens the door to a listening experience that includes the most cutting edge CC music being created in the world! Be sure to listen to this track and all the others in the Adaptation Playlist. We’re sure you’ll find your favorites in the mix.  Music that is free to download and share!

Prizes are also being awarded to Calyman and Speck for being the mixters most active in reviewing tracks as they were submitted. Listening to the mixes and providing meaningful feedback is a huge part of what makes our remix events worth participating in. And the t-shirts are a great look for the mixter who really gives it 110%.

Not that all of us aren't going all the way out to produce the art that is created here, it’s just at this moment in time, these mixters are in the limelight. Next time it could be….????


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