Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Transfusion: New Blood for the #ccmusic Scene

Transfusion: The John Kluck Remixes is a welcomed addition to the Netaudio world of music. Released on Internet Archive, the platform is easy to use and makes listening to this collection even more enjoyable.  This electro-lounge chill release is filled with cameo appearances from ccMixter artists including Stateshirt, Snowflake, Zep Hurme to name a few.

Misery starts of the 12 song repertoire, featuring StateShirt and Remy Shand, with a downtempo fusion of lyrics, electronic loops and catchy beats.  The journey continues with songs that you can get lost in, but don't beg for attention.  Definitely check out "Could Be", "Happiness is a State of Mind" and the retro-funky track "Miracle."

This release is available under cc-by-nc-nd license.  Free to download and share in non-commercial environments.

Three Thumbs Up!!!  Thanks John, aka Gadziller at ccMixter.org


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