Thursday, December 06, 2012

ccMixter & Jamendo Release Double Holiday Album

Check out The Best Time of the Year - A & B Sides!

ccMixter & Jamendo artists teamed up in 2011 to create holiday music together via internet remix culture with the 'Tis the Season Remix Project. With more than 100 original tracks in created in a couple of weeks, ccMixter & Jamendo paired songs together with two common themes -- the joy of the Christmas holiday season, and songs that take a different approach to the holidays.

The Best Time of the Year -  a special double release holiday album - was co-produced by Snowflake, Copperhead, Kara Square, Sackjo22 and go1dfish, artists on the ccMixter remix community, in cooperation with Nicole Maroutsos of Jamendo.

The A Sides on The Best Time of the Year are more straight-forward Christmas tracks, though most are originals. The B Sides are for those that may celebrate something different during the holidays, or perhaps don't really celebrate at all. Either way, there are songs everyone will love on these albums!
The Best Time of the Year albums are offered as free downloads in a variety of formats (including lossless).
The Best Time of the Year?
The project began in the ccMixter & Jamendo remix project, Tis The Season. Check out all of the great mixes from the project HERE!
Don't forget to check out the official press release!

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