Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ccMixter Transitions to ArtisTech Media

Important news from the forum:

October 28, 2009 (San Francisco/Diego, CA) – We announce that Creative Commons is transferring operations of top remix site to next-gen-music-label ArtisTech Media (ATM).

ccMixter Transitions from Creative Commons to ArtisTech Media

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Dear Fellow Mixters

What does the transfer of operations to ArtisTech Media (ATM) mean to you?

Victor's Take on the Transfer of Operations to ATM


fourstones said...

is it just me or does reaction to this news seems to be, er, muted (spin and others notwithstanding)

I'm assuming shockshadow's sentiments ('hopeful but reserving judgement...') is where everyone not speaking is at... which, is perfectly cool, btw.

(feel free to ping in private if you don't quite yet feel like sharing or questioning in public)

oldDog said...

For myself, I'm delighted by the news, because it appears to hold out the prospect of keeping everything we love about the site, alongside some interesting possibilities for the future in the parallel site(s). It's great that our new boss is someone who so obviously loves and "gets" ccM.

Thanks Victor, for your role in seeing this through, and I hope we continue to have your involvement for a long time to come.

Gurdonark said...

I use livejournal as my weblog service. I'm always amused because any time Livejournal announces any change in its service, whether large or small, communities arise which proclaim that they are shifting to deadjournal or dreamjournal or some other weblog which operates on the same platform basic platform. Then huge support groups arise in which impassioned accusations are made, and facebook forums debate the dire predicament that LJ faces.
In time, almost all those who left return, sometimes cloning their journals in 3 other places, lest
some details of Thursday's 30 second encounter with a supervisor be omitted.

It's refreshing to see the ccmixter transition avoid this kind of invigorating but silly reaction. I think that is a sign that the way in which the transition was handled was sufficiently open and straightforward to make this work fine, at least in this initial stage.

My own feeling is that as long as ccmixter works and looks like ccmixter, then this community will continue to support it strongly.