Thursday, August 13, 2009

Waysidedrive Q&A w/Spinmeister

...In which an articulate person describes the journey to open music...

Waysidedrive Q&As spin:

I’ve learnt that sharing your music is good. Interacting with other music makers from around the world is kind of a sequential time shifted jam session. At ccMixter, I’ve musically interacted with classical music composers, hard rockers, techno dudes and hip hopsters, DJs, people with advanced music degrees, lawyers, mom’s, lawyer moms, teenagers, video makers, singers, songwriters and a dentist from Bulgaria who sings gregorian chants recorded in a centuries old church. Some world-class full time musicians – and others just taking their first baby steps in music making. I’ve even met people, who don’t play a single traditional musical instrument, but they can take music and sound samples and create collages, textures, and even songs from the various samples. They can hear a short snippet of a sample and remember not only who made it, but often also what bpm range it was and what other samples it might work with.

The "lawyer moms" line is priceless. I'm pretty sure we have lawyer's moms too.

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teru said...

Excellent interview.

Excellent dude too. Makes a mean cup of coffee. :)