Friday, June 05, 2009

Cool Music Show #50

Wow. It's been 50 weeks since MC Jack in the Box started his weekly show. Congratulations.

Of course huge thanks go out to him for his dedication and hard work. Spreading the music and making us all feel like stars every week.

So go grab a beverage of your choice and tap your glass against your monitor. Cheers to you. :)


Anonymous said...

Cheers!! (*clink*)

MC Jack in the Box said...

mmm. beverage. thanks teru. :)

Mrs. Joseph aka SackJo22 said...

Salut! And thank you MC Jack. The Cool Music show is a highlight of my Friday. (Mine is vodka tonic, lots of lime, and perhaps some Pom) :)

spinmeister said...

clink (speyside single malt) to MCJitB !

And teru, you find the niftiest web widgets!

And Mrs. J aka SJ22: Yes! ;-)

fourstones said...

Things that are great about this:

- the commitment
- the execution
- the shows
- the guy


WhySeeOhh said...

Congratulations! And thanks for all your hard work.
Here's to another 50 ;-)