Saturday, April 04, 2009

Traffic up 23% over last year

An analysis of visitor data for Q1 2009 shows that 11% more people are coming to the site, hitting the site over 18% more often resulting in overall pageviews up over 23% from the same period last year.

This despite the fact that we've "lost" our biggest referrer: (Before a site re-design last year, a link to ccM used to be on every page of their site. After the re-design, we are only on the "Projects" page.) referrals are down 44% as a result but overall referrals are only down 8%, which means we are linked to a lot more than a year ago.

The majority of the growth seems to be non-US, mainly European (excluding France) and South America. (It's tempting to go hog-wild on multi-lingual features but the fact is I refuse to get involved until and unless we can secure a full-time admin/support person for each language we support.)

The numbers are all pretty small by Web standards but it's all enough to swell my head and tells me we're doing OK.

Full details (with real numbers) is here.

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