Monday, April 13, 2009

Remix Scaffolding

I have to say I love the idea of "posting what you know" like ATX did with this upload (mp3). I don't know why he/she did this but let's assume it's because they specialize in making simple cut & program beats. For someone like me, who dreads the beatmaking process, sometimes that's all you need.

It borders of online collaboration (which most of you know I don't hold in very high regard) but by opening it up this way it jumps the highest hurdle for some of us.


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MC Jack in the Box said...

i actually this this is a great topic for broader discussion, and think i'm going to go start a forum topic about it. i think this idea not only opens up many new opportunities for what i'll call "good remixing", i think it will inspire in new ways.

i say this also as i recently did a couple radiotimes remixes where i hoped somebody would pick up where i left off. i can understand why the didn't but i would have loved having a rhodes or some horns on either.