Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some recent sample highlights

I haven't said it a while but I have been thinking it. The quality of samples at ccM is just amazing. Just to prove a point I am listing some recent sample highlights. What's incredible here is that all these samples were submitted by members within the last 10 days. Seriously. Damn.

72 Strings and Them Say Piano by The3amAssociation. Flebby Accordion Cesar and Samba Já...zzzz by Cdala. FlyingKowi_strings and money strings 3 by BritishCouncilNZ. Walkman Blues and Baby Bird Acoustic by admiralbob77. Techicolor Lover (rhodes) and Do it Now (clav) by Scomber. Qualquiehmohtreta (Sounds) and Qualquiehmohtreta (Beat) by ThirteenthMonkey. Epic Sweep by illusivemind. 020209 pad 02 and 040209 drums 01 by Morusque. Sampler Jam session by shagrugge. Cold Hard Cash and Bubu Cha Cha by Neurowaxx.

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