Friday, February 06, 2009

ccMixter: A Memoir

As always we are the lucky beneficiaries of the hard work Victor has made open for everyone. If you have a moment, please read and offer your feedback on this interesting, unique and important perspective on the early years of ccM.

ccMixter: A Memoir


How I Learned to Stop Worrying about the RIAA and Love the Unexpected Collaborations of Distributed Creativity During the First Four Years of Running ccMixter

by Victor Stone

February 2009



Scottaltham said...

I only opened up the document to glance over and get the jist, but I just finished page 33.

What a bloody interesting read. Makes me glad I'm part of the mixing community.

I see your name up in lights there Teru, congrats.

teru said...

"I see your name up in lights there Teru, congrats."

yes. it's so nice. gets me all choked up and stuff. : )

fourstones said...

"may cause hair loss" made me laugh out loud. dumb but got me.

MC Jack in the Box said...

yeah, pretty impressive and it's obvious how much work you put into this. like i told you, i'm waiting for the PPT tour ala "an inconvenient truth". this should be required reading for anyone considering the RFP.

and i'm not stroking you for namedropping me, but thanks. :) said...

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