Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Year in Review(s)

I was really nervous when I saw the review numbers for Nov. especially when considered a trend (i.e. downward spiral). But the site bounced back strong in Dec. Of course without corollary data it's impossible to guess was going on in autumn but it certainly looks like we get a lot more attention when school is out.

# reviews | month |
568 | 2008-01 |
536 | 2008-02 |
1183 | 2008-03 |
1221 | 2008-04 |
865 | 2008-05 |
1218 | 2008-06 |
1031 | 2008-07 |
756 | 2008-08 |
890 | 2008-09 |
883 | 2008-10 |
695 | 2008-11 |
1036 | 2008-12 |


spinmeister said...

March and April must have been one heck of a long spring break :-)

And August would seem to be rather low for just the school break correlation?

On a very subjective level, I found that the number of remixes I liked dropped by quite a bit during the fall period and picked up rather dramatically during December. And since ccM isn't the kind of place where we drop snarly comments, we just stay silent more often?

And on a possibly related and possible totally unrelated tangent, there's the little hovering issue of what will happen to ccM as a result of the RFP process (assuming that's still ongoing). I'm sometimes wondering if that issue has become a bit of an energy drain?

MC Jack in the Box said...

here's another interesting number, the # of reviews per upload (which i'm guessing includes both remixes and samples). i only looked at the past 6 months. july - 2.44, august - 2.32, september - 2.25, october - 2.43, november - 1.88, december - 2.16. obviously remixes get more reviews than samples which could skew this.

fourstones said...

I was never taking the school thing seriously - my anecdotal experience tells me the median age on the site is somewhere north of high school. (Re: the RFP - I'm checking in the 'fork this thread' code tomorrow)

@mcjitb - yea, review/remix would be the real behavior number to watch. But it's more typing for that query - just to get to: November really sucked.