Friday, January 16, 2009

The Sounds of Space

Alien Desert Sunrise

I'm very partial to the The Jodcast, the podcast of the Jodrell Bank Observatory in England. It's got a cool astronomy subject matter, as one might expect of a radio telescope institute's podcast.

One of the many admirable things about the Jodcast is that it makes its programs available under a Creative Commons license. This is the best kind of "science popularizing commons". They hear a sound with a mega-pound-expensive instrument, and they share it with everyone.

I'll see if I can't get a sample pack created, with proper attribution, but I thought in the meantime I'd share the playlist:

The Sounds of Space:
1. The sound of supernova remnant Cassiopeia A recorded by the Lovell Telescope
2. Whistler waves
3. Proton Whistlers
4. Leonid meteor echoes
5. Jovian Chorus
6. Jovian S-Burst
7. Jovian S-Burst speeded up by a factor 128
8. ESA Huygens lander radar signal
9. Solar sounds generated from 40 days of Michelson Doppler Imager data and processed by A. Kosovichev.
10. Solar Energetic Particles data from the HELIOS mission
11. X-ray observations of Cygnus X-1 from the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer
12. PSR B0329+54 observations from the Lovell Telescope
13. Vela pulsar observations
14. Crab pulsar observations
15. PSR B1937+21 observations
16. Pulsars in globular cluster 47 Tuc
17. Double pulsar eclipse
18. The first million years of the Universe
19. The Cosmic Microwave Background

This is what I call deep space ambient.

I can hardly wait to do 3 minutes of the first million years of the universe.
Kudos to the Jodcast, and to outer space in general. The only natural limitation upon sampling is the limitation of small, legalistic minds.

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