Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Facebook Dilemma

Shagrugge has started a ccMixter group for members and fans at Facebook. And I think this is a great idea in theory.

The dilemma I am facing though is that I am not able to create a musician account for myself without sending them a copy of identification, such as a passport. Which means I have to use my personal profile.

The problems I have with this are:
1) privacy
2) it's totally confusing
3) it's yet another social network ie. MySpace, etc... when really ccM is the only network I need.
4) if I ever get a musician profile, I'll have to switch things over.

I've joined up for now. Because I want to support Shagrugge all I can. But to be honest I have one foot out the door unless I can figure out something.

ps - I hate Facebook
pps- be my friend though. : )

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teru said...

Facebook is cool. A great way to find people.

I didn't want to post this part so I'm leaving a comment.

This is why I am paranoid of Facebook. Aside from the fact it has been hacked (easily) a few times already.

the future of email scams,

Hi I'm Facebook. You may not remember me but we both went to Facebook. We really didn't know each other that well but we both know Facebook.

Anyhoo Facebook's birthday is coming up and we are throwing a huge party. Join us.

Please send cheque or money order to ........

fourstones said...

Many ccm people want a way to hang
Out at fb. My personal account
Is not the right way. Me and ccm are two different things. So I asked sean if be would start and keep up the group.

Don't anything about the other stuff. Maybe brad?

Scottaltham said...

Myspace music is always an available option for a more social focus, but based around the music.

It's easy to setup a music page (I know many Mixters already have pages up there) and its a great opportunity for people to support the Mixters they really like to listen to.

I have to agree that facebook is a slightly different animal. It is more of a close knit community with your friends, giving them 'advertised' insight into your personal life. You can of course change your configuration to not show your friend connections or photo comments and offer out limited profile views.

I'm not 100% whether groups can be formed on myspace music, its more of a fan thing, but I have 2 separate profiles on myspace. This keeps my personal activities and my musical activities apart (just as well really :o)

FFGreen said...

I had a similar dilemna, so that makes me feel not as weird as I usually do ;) Thanks alot for the idea Shag. CC rocks!

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