Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Cool (but booty) Video

By the time you read this video will probably be yanked from YouTube (if not the whole account according to the poster). I had to reject it as an official video trackback. Too bad because it's pretty fun (requires a certain length in tooth to fully appreciate):


Gurdonark said...

Cool! In a world that does not exist yet, but will exist soon, these visuals would be licensed BY NC, and the fame of the show would re-kindle in the weight of the remixes.

MC Jack in the Box said...

that is a brilliant pairing of music and video. had me laughing out loud.

xtexan86 said...

As this vid's poster, I appreciate the comments and would like to clarify a few things. YouTube is cranking down on songs used in vids, mostly pulling them due to copyright holder's demands. As such, it's getting difficult to find good music to use. I wanted to express my appreciation for sites like ccMixer that are providing a good source of song material and helps allay the threat of a vid being taken down due to audio copyright issues.