Monday, October 27, 2008

Spreading the ccM Story

That's John Buckman in the front and Mike Linksvayer behind him at FSCONS in Gothenburg, Sweden. I also spoke at the conference basically telling the story of ccMixter and how it fits into the larger sample pool we are trying to build. The audience was mainly hard core free culture types that, quite frankly, make Creative Commons, John, Mike and I look downright quaint in our activism. (We lost count of the other speakers who had police records.)

Last week I did a slightly different version at NCCC in Stockholm where I kind of feel like I made a fool of myself but feedback was generous.

I also got to meet some really smart eggheads in Helsinki at the HIIT. This place has 200 doctorates studying how groups of humans interact with the Internet and have been looking at ccM for a while. An impromptu, live demo of the site was a grand slam as I happened to pick MCJITB's brilliant Brad/Trifonic mash up that I had never heard before.

I've done dozens of tech talks throughout my 20+ year career in technology but telling the ccM story is by far the coolest most fun I've ever had.

Thanks to everybody for hanging out.


MC Jack in the Box said...

very cool Victor! glad i could contribute in my own small way. :)

teru said...

Very cool. I'm enjoying the video right now. :)