Saturday, October 18, 2008

Perfect Pitx

Ever wonder about the meaning or pronunciation of some of the names at ccM? I've always been curious of Pitx.

So I asked. And he answered,
Pronunciation of Pitx:
“P” like the P of people. “I” like the I of bit.
“TX” like the CH of church. “tx” is the way that in Euskera - Basque Language- is written that sound.
1. One of the aprox. 100 nicknames that my friends have to call me.
2. In euskera it’s a play in the sports played in a fronton, the ball touchs the front wall just over the horizontal line.
3. It sounds similar to the english word ‘pitch’, eh, not always I’m in tune :)
So now I know. I thought it was totally cool and I wanted to blog about it. Maybe I'll ask more people about their names and post them to this blog? : )


fourstones said...

that's great - now did you ask him how to pronounce 'Euskera'? ;)

MC Jack in the Box said...

so i guess i should stop saying it wrong now :P

thanks teru. there's lots more i'm probably butchering.