Thursday, July 24, 2008

Unauthorized Blogs

Just a heads up to the following people/groups. It seems that someone has made Blog pages on your behalf without your permission. Thanks Victor for the heads up.

Jeremy Carr
Brad Sucks
Jhony El Maalouf

I have sent an email to this person and am waiting for a response. I am hoping we can settle this like gentlemen.


spinmeister said...

sure looks like somebody building an incestuous linking farm.

MC Jack in the Box said...

if you click on brad's link and scroll all the way down the page, bottom right corner tells you who this is. and if i'm not mistaken, he's a ccmixter regular. what's up with that? also, i'm slightly miffed he didn't make a blog for me. :P

WhySeeOhh said...

Very weird. I'm not sure if I should be flattered or appalled. Why would any one want to impersonate us anyway? It would also have been nice to be asked just in case there was anything that went against the grain.

Just all around weird.


fourstones said...

totally legal and totally creepy. but really it's a coat-tails self promotion thing. like, er, ridin the faders but without the patina of coolness.

Gurdonark said...

I remember how I was both irritated and immensely flattered when I figured out that someone had gotten the URL, but a polite but firm bit of correspondence, and voila! the URL was back available again (and now mine).

I'm not going to make some strong editorial statement about these weblogs, other than to say I hope it is all re-done amicably. It would be cool to see fan pages arise, but this is not the way to do that.