Tuesday, July 01, 2008

6,000 remixes

I like that I can ask the internet questions like "How many minutes are in one week?" and get back answers like:
"1 week = 10,080 minutes".

I sought this intelligence for a simple reason. I noticed on the stats that CCMixter now has over 6,000 remixes uploaded. Given that most songs are at least 3 minutes, and many songs far exceed 3 minutes, that's at least 18,000 minutes of remixes.

In short, we are in striking range of a solid fortnight's worth of remix listening. I like to imagine that my remixes occupy a place near 4:30 a.m., somehow, during the fortnight's continuous play.

I think it would be fun to listen to every remix on CCmixter someday. But at the rate we are expanding, that day might ought to be sooner rather than later!


MC Jack in the Box said...

if you feel really motivated, you should make one giant playlist. then you could stream it. :)

fourstones said...

they'll be plenty of time to try that... after I'm dead

jp said...

so now I have to stay up until 4:30 AM to hear Gurdo? what kind of deal is THAT? I want my money back..