Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Me Bragging

I need to brag about it. My sister is taking me to see Herbie Hancock this Friday. How f-ing cool is that!?!

PS - This video is insane. I'm pretty sure he's inventing the KAOSS pad at 7 minutes. ; )


jp said...

Paul Jackson + Mike Clarke = Z listen to them when Herbie is fahnkin with the white noise..whilst inventing the kaoss pad..

along with Miles and pre Jaco Weather Report from this period..roughly 69-74..there was an extremely high level of heart, soul and chops. REALLY high level.

I haven't heard it since...

Fusion went all fusoid after that..when the music became a "competition" to see which stud could play faster... and "fusion" became synonymous with "wank".

but for a few was very cool..thanks for posting T..I hope Herbie was great.

teru said...

Thanks John. It was great. Piano and bass were exceptional. They brought down the house.

PS - You should check this out. The guitarist / opening act. : )

jp said...

Thanks for that link T..he is unreal. He seems to have at least 3 or 4 riddim ideas and melodies running around upstairs once..and then..he sings and plays them simultaneously. The vid where he explains how he tunes and does the click riddim singing while singing a melody is amazing.

That must have been one great show...did he play with Herbie as well?

teru said...

"did he play with Herbie as well?"

Yes. He's has to be one of the most versatile guitarists I've ever seen. Wonderful performer too. It was amazing to see him Herbie Hancock, Dave Holland, Vinnie Colaiuta & Co. jam out. They're all like music superheroes. : )

fourstones said...

If I'm not mistaken there's studio and concert footage of him playing with herbie and wayne shorter in the 'Possibilities' DVD.