Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Hook-Up

Today I get to add another name to people I have met in person that I have met at ccMixter. Meeting Mixters never disappoints. It's always an amazing experience.

I want to thank spinmeister for meeting with me today. My head is still spinning from our 100mph conversation.

We arranged to meet at a music store, which by the way is an excellent place to meet-up because it doesn't matter if you're early or late and it's easy to find people. I only mention this because I met Ran Dumb Dots at a music store on my visit to Seattle last time and that worked out well too. Consider it Tip#1 from teru's Guide to Meeting Mixters. : )

Anyways, after Spin & I totally geeked out at the music store we grabbed a coffee (thanks spin) and then talk, talk, talk, breathe, sip, talk, talk, etc... for about an hour straight I think. We actually forgot to sit down. You know, it's amazing how much conversation you can have when there's no CAPTCHA involved. ; )

One of these days we should all try to meet as a group. Not really to address anything specific but just to meet and get to know each other better. Like a ccMixter party. Of course I'm not talking about physically getting together. But somewhere / something that is more effective that's a bit more interactive than a forum. I guess the closest thing I can think of is Second Life.

I just want to throw that out there. I think it would rock. We could probably find a good DJ too.


MC Jack in the Box said...
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MC Jack in the Box said...

cool for you on the meet-up guys. i think you bring up an interesting point/topic for discussion in the forum. one idea would be to create a ccmixter IRC channel. we had one on songfight for a number of years.

teru said...

My experience with IRC is limited but I guess that would be the easiest way.

Have you ever tried any of the visual chat services?

MC Jack in the Box said...

just Skype, but that too could be an option.

Gurdonark said...

Great that you met up. I have never been to SL, but a virtual meet up sounds cool someday.

spinmeister said...

it was absolutely awesome - and we could have kept going for a week.

Thanks for making the time, Teru, it was amazing to meet you in person, and I hope it won't be the last time.

Some sort of a group chat sounds like a great idea - especially since there's interesting ccM stuff to discuss these days!