Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Trifonic Release Album Tracks to CC

As announced in the forum today, the sample pool at ccM has just added the awesomeness of Trifonic.

The studio solo tracks including the separated a cappellas to their new album Emergence are now available for download under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.

As Victor points out "this really is a homegrown affair, so show some love, listen to “Emergence” and if you like it show some dough."

Emergence is available at trifonic store, itunes, amazon, rhapsody, eMusic and amie street.

*also check out the nifty Spotlight Q&A by spinmeister (sorry for spelling it wrong the 1st time).


spinmeister said...

lol :-)

teru said...

Sorry spinmeister .

I spelled fourstones wrong last week. Why can't you guys have nice four letter names? ;)

spinmeister said...

lol - I have been called many 4 letter names!

I do also listen to "spin" - is that better? :-)