Friday, April 11, 2008

Stringed Things Sing

Webbed Hand Records is a very solid Creative Commons netlabel which specializes in ambient and ambient-related releases. The label gets a great deal of download traffic, because it recognizes that it's more important to be loved by people who truly understand than it is to seek love in all the wrong places, from people who market yesterday's music. I noticed that their latest "call-for-entries" seeks submissions for a compilation release of ambient pieces which must be created with stringed instruments.

I have my trusty can-jo readied, so that I can use its diatonic directness to create what I hope will be a shimmering wave of pleasing drone. What is the sound of one string delaying in the prairie? That, my friends, is this week's koan.

My Can-Jo is My Axe

As many mixters are players of stringed things of greater complexity (though less ginger-ale-can splendor) than my can-jo, I thought I'd spread the word about this fun call for entries:
here at Webbed Hand. The guidelines are not difficult. The deadline is millenia away--well, actually it's April 23.

I hope a few of you will put on your ambient shoestrings, and join me in submitting to a compliation that I believe will lace things up stringfully and through such strumming let sound be sound.


teru said...

Thanks for the info.

Can jo? Pffft I going to make a Cant jo with half a Musk Melon. : )

Marco Raaphorst said...

this year is the return of the guitar for me. my main instrument. I will try probably. thanks Gurdonark!

Gurdonark said...

Teru, that can't jo, with a guitar string, a musk melon, and a fretted ruler, will no doubt generate ambient loops to beat the band. I e mailed off the link to my "Ninth Can-Jo Meditation" this morning. It was fun to create! I hope that it gets on the compilation--but I liked it well enough I'll release it one way or another. It's fun to work in sound.

A gourd strumstick, actually, has a really cool resonation, I'd imagine. So perhaps you should go gourding!

@Marco--you play guitar so well, it would be fun to hear you process just a guitar into ambience.

Marco Raaphorst said...

thanks Robert. I will try to work on something... :)