Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Soup Greens

An excerpt from the about on Lucas's music blog, Soup Greens;

This site is primarily for my own covers of songs from before the recording era was really underway. The time period is roughly 1800, when American musical identity started to branch off from its foreign roots, to 1927, when the economic and technological conditions created by recording ended the era of participatory music.

The Original Dixieland Jazz Band broke in 1917. Piano sales went into the toilet around 1923. Louis Armstrong raised the artistic game to a point that excluded ordinary musicians during the period 1927-1930. Bing Crosby started singing in a way that wasn’t possible in an acoustic environment — too quietly to be heard without amplification — in the early 1930s. There was a transition from a musical environment where music was made in person to an environment where it was made far away. Before, the product was sheet music and instruments. Afterward the product was records and phonographs. This blog is about the musical world before that change...

Most of the music from Soup Greens is under a CC license and is remixable. More often than not there is also sheet music available. Great blog.

Lucas can be also heard performing live as half the jazz duo Alvin and Lucille. Also CC licensed but only available on their MySpace page. Which is a shame. It would be great if they could upload the vocals and guitar to a nice CC friendly remix site. If only we knew of such a place. ;)


Gurdonark said...

I think what Lucas is doing with performing old PD material is a good work. Song sharing of PD material is a time-honored thing--and PD songs can be remixed as well as anything else. If a consciousness developed that sharing songs is a good thing, then imagine what a trove of CC or PD sheet music in a more modern vein might result.

Lucas Gonze said...

glad you guys dig it.

about the jazz tunes and mixter, I'd love to put them up for remixing. the thing is that the song compositions are not in the public domain. the recordings are under a by-sa 3.0 license, but only the guitar parts could go on mixter and not the vocals.

there is a zip file with all the parts broken out and in lossless format at .

Lucas Gonze said...

This conversation shamed me into putting up pellas for all the Alvin and Lucille parts:

teru said...

Very cool. Thank you Lucas. I'll get back to you with a remix of some sort shortly. : )

Wow there's a lot of formats available on this page. That page is remixer's dream. : )

teru said...

I was thinking, Alvin and Lucille would be perfect for RemixFight. I hope MC Jack in the Box sees this. : )