Wednesday, February 06, 2008


From MC Jack in the Box:

I've kind of stepped in and taken over the admin duties at Remixfight!, mostly because I refuse to see it die a slow and painful death. Again. When it first began, it suffered from a lack of administrative oversight after the first few fights, and I stepped in and took it over. This was around 2004. Collectively, we (the community) brought it back from the brink. Then, we got hacked by some malicious virus that took the site down, and Future Boy rebuilt it into what it looks like today. He put in his time, and now I'm back to putting in mine.

I flaked out last time I plugged Remixfight. Not this time. Join in if you dare. Mwahahaha!


gurdonark said...

I like remixfight. I played once, and enjoyed it, but then I began playing songfight, which was, safe to say, some of the worst material I've ever done, and that's saying something.
But remixfight, that's a different thing. I'm glad MC Jack in the Box is on the job!

fourstones said...

Remix Fight is a Good Thing and a major inspiration for ccM

I'm currently finishing up Chronic Dreams 2 and as soon as that's done I'll be posting more to ccM and definitely fighting the good fight at RF.

MC Jack in the Box said...

hey, i just now saw this. thanks you guys! you all should really check out this grammar club tune that is up next. quality stuff! i'd love to hear what all of you would come up with for this track.