Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ljova's interactive BABY naming contest

Ljova's interactive BABY naming contest. From the SoupASonic.

This new baby is a 6-stringed acoustic instrument, made by the excellent Eric Aceto of Ithaca, NY. On its belly, it carries the strings of a viola (C-G-D-A), the violin (G-D-A-E) and a super-low string (F), one pitch higher than the bottom note of the guitar. Size-wise, it's taller than a violin but shorter than a viola, clocking in at 14 inches.
Ljova would like some help naming his new baby. Head over to his blog if you have a suggestion.

What a beautiful sounding instrument - Freshwood.

I have my fingers crossed that we'll be hearing some samples at ccM soon. : )

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